Tera Kòrá is a Netherlands based music producer and DJ from the sunny Caribbean island Curacao. Using both his experience with trap music and elements from his tropical background he creates a sound which crosses the borders of any existing genre. Although it has only been a few months since the release of his first track,he already has fans hooked on his unique blend of R&B and soul which he calls Soulswing. His self acclaimed genre is characterized by soulful melodies, tropical percussion and a strong 808 bassline.

Tera Kora is growing like a weed, touring from Europe to Asia. His tracks were  listened over a million times on Soundcloud, and were even played on the 'Soulection Radio Show’ on Apple’s Beats 1.

You may know this Caribbean talent from his edits ‘On my mind (Tera Kora Edit)’ with 270K plays, ‘Bam Bam (Tera Kora Edit)' with 160k plays, or ’Sober (Tera Kora Edit)' with 90k plays. He also released two projects, called the ‘Bassa Nova EP’ and the ‘Soulswing singles’.

Call it soulswing
— Tera Kòrá